Jul. 16th, 2004 11:13 am
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All stolen from [livejournal.com profile] thatliardesmond

Set 1
1. How much are we a product of the psychosis of our parents, and how much are we a product of our own invention?
Speaking for myself? 50/50, hopefully going more to 60/40 and up in favor of my own responsiblities for myself.

2. Do the lives your parents led influence your day to day behavior?
Somewhat. My mother’s bad decisions make me paranoid about certain things. My father’s bad money decisions give me money paranoia.

3. Do you strive to be more like your parents, or less like them?
More in some ways, less in others.

4. What traits of yours will your children inherit? Will that be a good thing or bad?
My mother wants me to have a child who is the total opposite of me, because she thinks that will be the ultimate punishment.
Tenager: Mom, I’m joining the cheerleading squad and just got nominated for Prom Queen!
Dawn the parent: OH THE HORROR!! Is THIS how you repay me for all I’ve done for you???? Young lady, you go dye your hair blue RIGHT NOW and start dating a biker or you are GROUNDED, missy!

5. Is learning how to simply 'be' so difficult a thing that we spend billions each year to have someone else tell that we really are worthy of being?
I think for some people it is. I did my time in therapy, twice. The first time helped a lot. The second time didn’t. I’ve occasionally thought about going back and maybe I will some day. The objective nature of it can be helpful in learning to deal with your own psyche.

Set 2
1. What color ink pen do you like best?
Purple ink. Just not ball-point and it must be a fine or ultra-fine tip.

2. Do you prefer plain paper or paper with lines (notebook paper)?
Lines. I can’t write in a straight line without them.

3. What's better: books from the library, or reading online?
I need the feel of the book in my hands, so definitely the library.

4. Which would you rather get, e-mail or snail mail?
I am awful at returning snail mail and my handwriting is terrible. So I love to receive snail mail but I know I am much more likely to respond via email.

5. Do you have a paper weight on your desk?
No. I used to have one but it’s gone now. Kitty-related incident.

Set 3
1. Choose one person on your friends list to switch locations with for one month. Who is the friend, where do they live and why did you choose that location?
Hmmmm…Thryn or Emalia get this by default, since they are closest to both Orlando and the beaches in FL.

2. Provide two bits of trivia about your town.
The town next to ours was the setting of “War of the Worlds.”
There is a street in Hightstown FULL of abandoned houses and no one knows why.

3. I come to your town for a visit -- what three places do you take me to during my visit?
Sushi King for great sushi and fun conversation with the chef, a walk around Main Street and Stockton street to see the gorgeous Painted Lady houses and the fun stores, then martinis at the Americana Diner and Lounge.

4. You are handed a camera, what are four places you take pictures of in your town?
The Painted Lady that is owned by the council member, the cool dead tree that’s been carved into a castle, the creepy abandoned houses street, and pretty pond/lake in the park.

5. Revisit question #1 - what are five places you visit while you're in your switched location?
St Petersburg beach, DisneyWorld, Ybor City, Little Saigon restaurant, my sister’s new house (since I haven’t had the chance to see it yet!)



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