Jun. 11th, 2004

What's the furthest place from your home that you've ever driven to? Taking more than one trip/day to get there counts.
Schoharie, NY to Orlando, FL -- just about 22 hours, with my mom. We shared driving duties, stayed one night in North Carolina, broke down temporarily, and then made it to FL.

What's the longest commute you've ever had for a job?
Around 45 minutes each way

Ever taken a long-distance trip on a train? Like with a dining car and everything?
First time to Orlando, with the whole family -- parents were still together, plus grandparents, two great-uncles and one great-aunt.

Which airport that you've been to do you consider the best? Rate them on amenities, style, whatever.
I relaly like Orlando airport -- always very smooth going.

What was your first car?
A 1978 black plymouth reliant K-Car. Loved it.

Movie Meme

Jun. 11th, 2004 02:50 pm
There's a movie being made about your life! Which celebrity will play...

1. you? Why?
I think I should play me but if that is not allowed, then Sandra Bullock. I don't know why -- I think she could handle it and everyone seems to think she'd be a good choice.

2. your love interest? Why?
Hmmm....this is harder. Hugh Jackman is of course my selfish choice but that's only if I get to play me. LOL. Hmmm. He'd have to be able to play the guitar -- David would never stand for someone pretending to play. So someone brunette who can play guitar and is tall....I have no idea who. Can Johnny Depp play guitar? OOOOO - wait. Jack Davenport. Yes yes. Because I just love him and because he reminds me of David anyway. He can learn to play.

3. your best friend? Why?
For the purposes of this film -- the screen adaptation of Growing Up C -- the role of "best friend" will be played by Michelle Pfeiffer as Linda Norris.

4. your enemy? Why?
Oh any number of blonde bitchy starlets can play the high school bitches, and throw in some Ashton Kucher types for the high school assholes.

5. any family member? Why?
Mom will be played by Stockard Channing. Jamie will be played by Laura San Giacomo. Stockard could probably handle the mom role and she resembles my mother, slightly. Laura San Giacomo and Jamie look so much alike it's scary, so she wins the role by default.



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