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1. How much TV do you watch?
2. What is your favorite type of programming?
3. What is your favorite TV show?
4. Do you watch a TV show from beginning to end, or are you a flipper?
5. Could you give up TV for a month?

1) If you came upon a time machine, where would you go? Would you alter anything? Why?
2) If you managed to capture the Questing Beast, an odd combination of animal forms that is said to know the answers to all questions, what one question would you ask it? Would the answer change anything?
3) You've found yourself a rather obedient genie in a bottle. Make your three wishes. Why, out of everything you could ask for, do these three win out?
4) Someone presents you with a working voodoo doll. Do you use it? On who, why, and to what purpose?
5) Pick a superpower, any superpower. What and why? How would this change your life?

1. Lately, since I found the digital music channels, not a whole lot. I tend to watch movies more than anything.
2. Classic alternative videos on Vh-1 classic, movies, creepy history or discovery channel shows.
3. Hmmmm...Coupling (the BBC version) but that's not on now...The new season of The Surreal Life sucked me in (I love Charo)...I don't think I have a favorite right now, to be honest.
4. Beginning to end - flipping makes me nuts.
5. Sure could. Would help if I were allowed to watch movies on DVD but I could manage, no problem.

1. I say it a lot, but I'd go back to high school for a day or two. I'd love to say I'd go back and do it all right this time, but I don't think -- ultimately -- that I really would. Also, and importantly, I would go back to when the whole Stonetown crew was still alive and I would record all their stories.
2. I don't think I would ask anything. I don't think I really want to know the answers to those "ultimate" questions.
3. I will assume that wishing for an endless supply of wishes is not allowed. So, think what you will but the first thing I ask for is money -- enough for myself and my family (chosen family) to never want for anything and to have enough to always be comfortable. Next would be to cure my father. Last would be to "cure" my mother and give her the strenght she needs to set her life right.
4. I keep it, for future use. It's always good to have a back-up plan.
5. Teleportation. It would make many things much easier.



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