Aug. 20th, 2004

My internet and email has been wonky yesterday and today, so I won't be online much. If you need me, I suggest calling as opposed to email - though I seem to be able to receive email fine, responding isn't always possibe. AIM is also not going to happen.

I'm home and will be for the entire day. Call if you need me or pass a message through SuburbanGenius.

Friday Five attempt
1. If you could live during any period of time, when would you have lived? I am always cautious about answering this question, because to really live the way I would want to in certain time periods would also have to mean I would be able to do it with lots of money. I'd pick the 30s and 40s for their clothes, and fin de siecle of the 20th century for the art, literature, and philosophy. I'd also like a chance to do a week in high school again, as I have some regrets that I'd like to correct.

2. Name the most important invention or innovation that has happened during your lifetime: Computers and technology.

3. How do you spend your free time? I have free time???? OK, when I have it, I spend it reading, eating good food and enjoying time with friends and family. Oh and sleeping.

4. Do you have a healthy body image or do think you have a warped perception of what you look like? I no longer like the way I look in photographs and I often think I am aging badly. So I am trying to correct those thing. I think my present body image is not as healthy as it was and I am working to make it better.

5. ..and of course: Have you seen Rocky Horror Picture Show? [AKA, are you a virgin?] Yes. Alot. A whole lot. Was in a cast (though not with SuburbanGenius) and once did a command performace as Franknfurter for a Halloween. It was great fun at the time but I have no desire to ever see or participate in the show again.



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