Jul. 9th, 2004

Thanks to everyone who appreciated the rant yesterday. It felt good to get that all off my chest, though I realize it won't do a damn bit of good for the people who "inspired" it. Though the person who was the catalyst for it in the first place did drop me off her friends list within five minutes of posting. T'ant pis, baby -- I've said my piece.

In some of the instances the inspired the rant, I have said as much directly to the intended rantees. It's never been met with anything other than "You just don't GET IT" or the like, or even "what horrible thing to say -- I thought we were friends blah blah blah." So I have come to the conclusion that it's just not worth it to bother anymore. Also, for some of the people, I just don't care anymore. I wish them no ill effects, no hurtful shit or unpleasant circumstance. I hope all their insane ramblings, impossible schemes, bullshit excuses, and truly bad relationships all lead to a wonderful life -- I do hope that happens. It *won't* but I hope it all the same. However, that doesn't mean I want to be involved in that life. In fact, I probably don't.

One last word -- if you know some of the people the rant was about, if you KNOW how fucked up their lives and situations are, please please please -- I beg of you -- please stop encouraging them. Please stop picking them up and fixing things for them. Please stop patting them the heads and telling them that everything is just fine, that their ideas are wonderful, that their dreams are realistic, that their way of dealing with the world is a positive one. It's not. You know it's not. Some of you have TOLD me that you know it's not. But you keep patting and reassuring and cleaning up their messes. Stop. You're not helping them. You're probably harming yourself too. Please stop. I worry about YOU -- I can't be bothered to give a shining shit about them -- the collective them that started this rant -- anymore.

Much love to everyone. Have a good weekend.



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