Jun. 2nd, 2004

Email me at work, please?
It's one of those days where it's not enough -- nothing is enough. I am ultra-crabby, can't get my mouth out of a frown (more wrinkles - yay), feel anxious and overwhelmed by the whole world, and am just generally upset.

No cuts -- this one is important!!! This is NOT a spam letter; I received this from an animal aid website that I subscribe to:


This story will touch your hearts and at the same time, make you very angry. It is about egos, unjust measures and total disregard for the well being of Puppy Max. The Pyon Family needs ALL your support in order to save their beloved family member. This is the story of Puppy Max...

On November 25, 2003, the Pyon Family was rushing about as usual, getting the boys ready for school while their beloved puppy Max lay sleeping on the floor. Dashing out the door, Cory Pyon, wearing a hooded jacket, jumped on top of Max to hug and kiss him goodbye. Max, not recognizing Cory, became frightened and accidentally bit Cory's cheek. Not knowing what to do, Sook Pyon called 911. When 911 realized a dog was involved, they called Animal Control. This is where the problem begins!!!

Watertown Animal Control Officer, Patricia Fitzgerald, asked Mrs. Pyon if Max had ever bitten before. In Korean, "bite" means chew or nibble so the claim of "yes" was due to a language barrier. The Pyon's thought Max would return after a two-week quarantine process but to their surprise, Max is still in jail. For close to seven months, the Pyon Family has been fighting to get their cherished family member back. Diane Settani and Dottie Kern contacted Last Chance for Animals (LCA) in desperation, not knowing what to do next. Max has been deemed totally harmless and extremely intelligent by a renowned animal behaviorist from Tufts University. Max has been examined on two separate occasions and both times received a clean psychological bill of health. Before committing to this case, Chris DeRose, President of LCA, flew to Watertown to visit this supposed "vicious" dog. Chris found Max to be one of the most loveable dogs he has ever met and felt there was absolutely no threat whatsoever. Max is on the front page of the Republican American Newspaper kissing Chris on the face. </ bold> After spending three days with Max and the Pyon's, Chris began to question the real motives. 75% of the people of Watertown voted in favor of returning Max to his family. Why in the world is the Bureau of Watertown so hell bent on murdering Puppy Max, a sweet, loving, affectionate family member?

Why is the town so determined to execute Max?

At this point, it is not just about Max. This happens all over the U.S. and we cannot allow one power hungry, egotistical individual make the decision of life and death. The Pyon Family has dedicated their lives to saving their pup. Many others faced with this same problem either feel there is nothing that can be done or are too scared to speak up for their rights. The Pyon's should be applauded for their courage and persistence. They realize Max is not "just a dog" but in fact, a loyal, devoted part of their family.


On June 4th, a hearing will be held. Despite the fact that the Governor has sent three letters, stating Max is to be released back to his family, the town refuses. This has gone to the state level and the Governor is contemplating pardoning Max. We need to inundate the Governor, State and Attorney General with calls/faxes/letters. They need to know that we Americans will not allow officials, too arrogant to admit a mistake, determine the fate of our families.

Please keep letters polite.


Governor John G. Rowland
Executive Office of the Governor
State Capitol
210 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut 06106
Telephone: Greater Hartford Area 860-566-4840
Toll Free 800-406-1527
TDD 860-524-7397
E-Mail: Governor.Rowland@po.state.ct.us

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
P.O. Box 120
Hartford, Connecticut 06141-0120
Telephone: 860-808-5318
Fax: 860-808-5387

Write, call, email -- do whatever you can! I wrote to both the governor and the attorney general.




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