Apr. 15th, 2004

Though a marvelous twist of fate, I have become the Grand High Empress of the Entire Universe. You, as my friends, are entitled to a number of boons for your loyalty and friendship back in the days when I was a mere peon. In order to figure out how, specifically, I will reward you, you must answer the following questions, all based on your loyalty and friendship:

1. In thanks for your individual beauty, which brightens Our day, you are entitled to an outfit and a jewel. What would you like?

2. In thanks for your intelligence and conversation, We will build a library in your honor. With what priceless first editions shall We stock it?

3. In thanks for your ability to satisfy Our occasional whims, you shall have a feast prepared in your honor. Who shall prepare the feast and what shall we eat?

4. In thanks for the many times you were Our companion in travel, you shall have an all-expense paid trip. Where will you go and what will you do there?

5. In thanks for the many amusements you have shared, you shall have your very own comedian at your disposal. Who shall it be?

6.In thanks for your love and friendship, We have commissioned the sculpting of a large heart for you. Of what shall it be made?

7. And finally, in thanks for just being you, you shall have one last gift of whatever you like. What shall it be?

Have fun!!! (she said, giggling madly and in a very silly mood)
Stammerer. (sta-mer-er). n.

1. something which makes people stammer because it is so good or appropriate
2. for women, a specific outfit that makes those who see her in it lose the capacity for speaking
3. a witty comment made at just the right time and in just the right way so that the recipient of the comment can respond in nothing but stammers and sputters

Kindly use your vocabulary word in a sentence to demonstrate your newfound knowledge.
Some of you already know that my father was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, a very serious cardiac condition, about two years ago. He was doing very well for a while but things have taken a bad turn and it looks like he will need a hearts transplant.

Though I don't know where they will find one big enough to replace his old one.

Please spare some energy, prayers and thoughts for my family if you can.

Today he is 53 years old. Happy Birthday daddy. I love you.



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