Apr. 14th, 2004

Hey local (to me, at least) people. Want to start a book club or a dinner club? A martini club? Wine club? ANYTHING?

This would mean the following people, as far as I can tell, if we were to do this on weekends: anathemad, caitriona27, cassiusdrow, drklrdraven, emperor_of_ick, kilkainnan, mcallahan, priestesm, redmysticspyder, saphyne, screamingdolai, shhhlisa, suburbangenius, toosha, wench18, wench230, whizzrjohn

Everyone else is *probably* too far away...if I am wrong and you are interested, let me know.

We could switch off as far as location, so it would be fair to everyone. People could bring friends as well. Let's meet new people. Let's do stuff.

1. What nickname are you glad you outgrew? "Puff" -- my grandfather started that one; I was a very fat baby. Also, "Louie," which was apparantly short for "Babalouie," according to my dad's old work partner. I have no idea either.

2. What nickname would you like to have again? "Morte" or "Dawn of the Dead," mostly because I really miss the friend who used to call me that.

3. Who was the worst substitute teacher you ever had? Why? I don't remember the name of a single sub. I do remember we had one who was a complet idiot and looked like Frankenstein's monster -- big and gangly and totally clueless about the awkwardness of his size. He used to sub my math classes.

4. Best "turn off your brain" movie? "Caddyshack"

5. Favorite comfort food(s)? Mom's baked mac n cheese, lasagna, brownies, escarole soup, crepes.

6. Ever been locked in a locker? Nope. Once I understood the need to shove someone into a locker -- there was a specific incident that did it, but now I don't remember the incident.

7. If you had been born the opposite sex, what would your name have been? Christopher. I was Christopher until the doc announced it was a girl. Yet somehow I didn't end up Christine or Kristen -- mom said the name Dawn just popped into her head. And no, I wasn't born at or around sunrise.

8a. Which is sexier on a girl: a man's shirt and black panties, or a one-piece teddy? Shirt and panties, because it makes one think she just threw them on after.

8b. Which is sexier on a guy: just a pair of boxers, or just a pair of jeans? Jeans. Especially with a button down shirt.

9. Do you like omelettes? Favorite? I used to dislike omelettes. Then one day I ended up on a first class flight (business trip upgrade) and they served me a swiss cheese and tomato omelette. It was so good! And on an airplane yet! So now I am more open to omelettes.

10. Ask me a question. Go ahead - I dare you.
I need help ASAP for an article on encouraging kids to read and use the library. Please please email me at dawn at wordsbydawn dot com.
8 fictional characters you'd love to hang out with:
1. Gandalf
2. Morpheus (from the Sandman comics -- I don't give a shit about the matrix movies)
3. Burke (from Andrew Vachs' detective series)
4. Indiana Jones
5. Lestat de Lioncourt
6. Harry Potter
7. Peloquin (from Nightbreed)
8. Snoopy

7 celebrities you'd invite to dinner:
(I will assume this is for their conversation and not their looks)
1. Harlan Ellison (author)
2. Stephen King (author)
3. George Carlin (comedian)
4. Eddie Izzard (comedian)
5. Neil Gaiman (author)
6. Anthony Bourdain (chef and author)
7. Kevin Smith (director)

6 things on your desk:
1. a pink stapler
2. some zip loc baggies
3. hand lotion
4. an issue of Travel and Leisure magazine
5. an expanding file

5 places to visit:
1. Australia
2. Greece
3. Japan
4. Alaska
5. Ireland

4 things you probably don't know about me:
1. I wanted desperately to be a blonde when I was a child.
2. I often get convinced that people don't like me and only tolerate me because they like David.
3. I hate shopping unless it's for special occasion clothes
4. I have never seen any Matrix film, nor do I care to.

3 things you wish you had right now:
1. a job for David
2. a guaranteed way to break into the glossy market
3. a house of our own

2 names you wish were your own:
1. Anastasia (though I would prefer not to be the missing Romanov)
2. Doctor -- I would love to have my PhD

1 Day you love the most:
1. Halloween



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