Mar. 26th, 2004

Bahwen: adverb.(pr. bah-wen) immediately, urgently; right away; generally used to modify adjectives or as an imperitive command. Word origin - porn sites primarily concerned with women who suffre from discipline problems, as in "I've been very bad; check this out bahwen!"

Please use the word in a sentence to demonstrate your comprehension of the term.
...that I am listening to Big Country on the new wave station my digital cable has and I remain deeply saddened by the death of Stuart Adamson, their lead singer, back in 2001. His suicide, like all suicides, was a senseless tragedy that ironically occurred just as his life was taking a significant upswing -- Big Country had just been offered a new major label contract, a UK tour, and a Japanese tour, with an American tour being talked about. Sadly, all of this occurred while he had disappeared for a month, so he probably didn't know about any of it when he hung himself. I deeply regret never having seen them in concert; their pictures hung on my walls, their records practically glued to my turntable -- this was a band I loved and a lead singer I adored.

So many of my favorite 80s bands have suffered losses -- in the time it took me to write the above, the station played INXS, reminding me of Michael Hutchence's senseless suicide, also by hanging, in 1997. While INXS was not quite as big a part of my musical adolescence as Big Country was, I was still a fan and their music is deeply entwined with some of my fondest memories.

I won't even get into the loss of Freddie Mercury. At least he didn't hang himself.

And now JJ Jackson is gone too. And Stevie Ray Vaughan, who I admired so greatly and whose blues guitar style was truly touched by the masters. And half the stores and bars I used to go into to enjoy this music and these artists and watch JJ Jackson on the television are slowly being replaced by chain stores and bad coffee.

My adolescence is disappearing in a haze of Starbucks, Gap t-shirt and early graves.



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