Mar. 19th, 2004

1. ...owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve? I'd serve Italian fusion based on the kinds of food I grew up with, which all had an Italian base but took from many other cultures, all really from the different nationalities in my family.

2. ...owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell? My stepmother and I have always wanted to open a Pagan store with a tea shop attached. Theresa and I have much the same idea, actually -- I'd also love to see this store/cafe turn into a B&B

3. ...wrote a book, what genre would it be? Already working on the proposal for a "popular" non-fiction memoir/collection of stories about the women in my family.

4. ...ran a school, what would you teach? I've often considered getting my PhD to teach literature.

5. ...recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it? Covers of my favorite songs -- very eclectic


Mar. 19th, 2004 01:46 pm
I am cleaning, running errands, and doing laundry. If I feel particularly ambitious, I will also fix the hall closet.

Yes, I will come to your house but you have to pay me. Conveniently, I can be bought with food, notably good sushi. Am gets a free go, since Billy Boyd called me and it was all her fault.

Thit means I will probably be working all weekend or at least a good part of it. That's ok by me. Cha-ching, if you catch my drift.

Mom is heading into surgery -- I just got the call. She is in good spirits and my sister will be there the entire time. Keep the healing thoughts and prayers coming -- I thank you for them. So does she.

Send good job/money vibes my way....I've got some irons in the fire that could prove both incredibly lucrative and really important to my career. No details at this time.

I also plan to go to the gym. On a daily basis, if I can, until I leave for FL. Does it really help if you hang the bikini on the fridge door? Oh also - I don't diet but any tips for tasty healthy snacks and low-calorie yummy things are always welcome. Don't bother too much with dessert options, as I believe in small amount of very good desserts rather than big helpings of "diet" desserts. Though I love the Weight Watchers desserts, the frozen ones. Yummy.

That is all for now. No interesting work this weekend, for those who are curious -- it's all b2b writing. But it pays the bills.

much love to you all -- my friends are all very on my mind today, so I hope you all know that you are loved and missed and appreciated by me all the time.

ps Billy Boyd called me -- I'm gonna ride that for a while, if you all don't mind.
Out of surgery - standard D&C. She's groggy and getting ready to go home. Doc said all looks fine; he is sending a sample for pahtology but doesn't expect anything negative.

Thank you for all of your good thoughts and prayers. I truly believe it helped a lot.
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Gods know "bold, daring and to the point" is a MUCH more polite way to describe me than many people have in the past, even when they mean the same thing...



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