Feb. 12th, 2004

And this particular portion of my career will begin this Saturday, Valentine's Day, when I host the Intimate Fantasies Lingerie and Toy party at Chaser's Club in Keansberg, NJ. Complete with homophobic guido club owner and two strippers who I will have to train in the art of "legitimate" runway work. The lovely Ms. Saphyne will be on hand as spokesmodel, along wtih another friend. The charming Wench230 will be running the orders and demo table. The effervescent PriestesM will be helping me with product notes and spiel. Happy Valentines Day indeed. Can I show you that dildo in purple?

Happily, the two gentlemen who own Intimate Fantasies (check the website, in the process of being designed by the brilliant and handsome husband-o-mine, www.intimatefantasylingerie.com) have informed me that I have their complete trust and that I am in charge all evening. That's right, Mr. gavone I'm-so-hetero-it-hurts club owner - that's Ms. Bitch to you.

The party is planned to go from 11am to 1am (just off exit 117 on the Garden State Parkway!); I have to be there in the 9:30-ish neighborhood to deal with setup and any last minute changes. I am planning several games and giveaways, including co-ed strip contests (using thongs placed OVER your clothes), guess the flavor on the rubber nipples, blindfolded what color is the dildo (with creativity points for why you think it's that color), and raffles for gift certificates ($100, $50, $25). 

Hopefully, we will book some home parties off this shindig - that's where the money is for the company, really. And this company's got a good angle - we will do co-ed parties if you like. So if anyone wants to have a party, do let me know. Or if you want to be a party rep, let me know. Or if you would be willing to come to a party I throw and let yourself be photographed for the website, do pop off an email.

And you Sex in the City party girls, yes I will be bringing the big box of sex toys to the party, including Charlotte's famous Rabbit.

Wish me luck gang - come out if you can!

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I'd like to post a topic for discussion.

What's your favorite(s) "love" song? Why? What ones do you hate and why?

I'll go with one of my hates - I HATE Still the One by Sania Twain, mainly because of stupid-ass people who get married after knowing each other for a YEAR and use that as their wedding song. Asshats.

One of my loves is Metropolis by the Church. I love love love the guitar in it and I remember when David learned to play it just because he knew I liked it.

Your turn.



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