Jan. 22nd, 2004

.....regarding what do I want for my birthday. For those of you who didn't see it, the previous list was mostly intended as a joke. If you really do want to know, I have an Amazon wishlist - use it, love it, commit it to memory. LOL. Just search wishlists with Nikithser or else email me and I will send you a link. No, presents are NOT required. Your company is more important.
....would anyone be interested in a book swap? I am sure many of us have books lying around that we don't read, won't read, have read, etc etc and we'd like to see them go to a good home. We could post lists occasionally and mail books to each other.

What do you think?
I have three books going:

Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz - very subtle psychological thriller/character study.
My Father Had a Daughter by Grace Tiffany - the story of Judith Shakespeare; it's fiction and so far very good.
The Carnivorous Carnival by Lemony Snicket - the ninth in the Series of Unfortunate Events. Yes, I know they are kids books but they are wonderful! Very Pythonesque humor.

I am enjoying all three immensely and plan to pass Drowning Ruth on once I am finished.

What about you?
My tooth hurts. At least I think it's my tooth. It might be my jaw, which means sinuses. Anyway, wah wah wah wah wah. My tooth hurts.

Just wanted to whine, since there is no one here to whine to. Back to "Gormenghast" I go.



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