Jan. 21st, 2004

First off, for those trepidacious about Japanese food, here is a link to the restaurant's manu: http://www.geocities.com/anathemad/menu.html
We can do hibachi tables too, if you like.

My birthday is Feb 5; the party will be Feb 7th. My sister will be up that weekend, along with my mom. Suburban Genius has a gig that night, in Frenchtown, which is about an hour from my apartment. The boys go on at 10, which means we should all get there for about 9:30.

Dinner will be at Sushi House, 1341 Prince Rogers Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ, at around 5:30 pm. This is a small place, so I'll need to give them a head count soon. Please let me know right away if you want to come to dinner or if you just want to meet at the gig. This place has an extensive NON-SUSHI MENU, don't worry; we can even do hibachi tables if enough people are interested.

Hotel information is available, if needed. Just let me know - crash space is virtually gone, so talk amongst yourselves about splitting hotel rooms and such.

Please let me know ASAP if you want to come along, as I have to call the restaurant for reservations.

HOORAY!! CAn't wait to see you!!
The hotel is the Days Inn, Hightstown, NJ. Orbitz has their rooms for $56; calling the hotel directly might get you a better rate. You can call them at 609-448-3200.

We might all head to the diner the following day - let me know who's interested. This time, I will speak directly to the manager so we don't have the trouble we did last time!

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