Jan. 14th, 2004

First off, just in case it wasn't clear in the previous post, the "things I want for my birthday list" was meant to be mostly completely uinrealistic things. It was for fun.

Second, here is the birthday theory:

My birthday is Feb 5; the party would be Feb 7th. My sister will be up that weekend, along with my mom. Suburban Genius has a gig that night, in Frenchtown, which is about an hour from my apartment. So the question becomes where to go for dinner before the gig? The boys go on at 10, which means we should all get there for about 9:30. So...do we do an early dinner near my place and then drive to the gig OR do a later dinner near the gig, meeting at my place first so cars are not an issue?

Thoughts? Opinions? Requests for crash space? Ideas for eateries? Sushi is what I am hoping for...
1. Describe your FAVORITE kind of dessert. Would you have this to celebrate your birthday? - I am a sweets person, but I truly love ice cream and especially ice cream cake. I try to have ice cream cake on my birthday every year.
2. What arcane area of knowledge do you possess that you don't use often? – I know a lot about vampires, a whole lot. Somehow the subject doesn't come up often. Go fig.
3. What childhood toy were you most likely to try and eat? – It wasn't a toy; it was a sponge. When I was a toddler and had a bath, I would cram the entire sponge into my mouth. My mom has a picture somewhere of me, fat and wet at about two years old, with just the tiniest bit of a sponge poking out of my mouth and my cheeks full to bursting with the rest of it. I never really tried to eat it, I am told. I would just sit with it in my mouth. Funny thing - I can still remember how it felt, the texture of it on my tongue. That's probably my earliest memory.
4. If you had to travel from Washington DC to Venice, Italy, what method of travel would you prefer? – Airplane for ease of travel; the QE2 if money was no object.
5. What would you do for a year if you didnt have to work to support yourself? – Travel. Lots and lots of travel to far away places like Australia and New Zealand, and Japan.



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